Dad Personas: A Social Insights Report

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While dads will always be dads, it’s a losing strategy for any brand or business to treat them as one stereotype. The reality is, no two dads are alike. Our “Dads Personas Social Insights Report” reveals exclusive insights that get inside the mind of dad, the consumer.

In this report, learn how to leverage social listening to better understand this target audience. Gain access to our various dad personas and discover their unique purchasing behaviors, values, and lifestyles cultivated from their own words. You will also:

  • Prove dad stereotypes wrong. Access our exclusive analysis on who dads are – their purchasing power, buying behaviors, top brands, motivators, and experiences.
  • Uncover the most vocal dad audiences. From Gamer Dads to Entrepreneurs, you’ll find out six of the leading online personas based on their top interests, activities, and brands.
  • Learn how to apply insights. Social listening insights can be used to build dad personas specific to your brand or industry. We show you how it’s done.
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