Infegy Starscape

The best way to tell your data story

With industry-leading data, search speed, and customizable visualizations, Infegy Starscape makes it easy to find insights that lead to impact.


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Infegy Starscape customizable dashboarding

The best way to visualize your data, the way you need

  • Completely flexible drag-and-drop dashboards with unlimited customizations so you can understand your conversations and audiences
  • Mix and match different queries and charts on the same dashboard
  • Dashboards update in real time to keep everyone informed of the latest trends

Multiple ways to find your data

  • Innovative visual drag-and-drop query builder for those new to social listening searches
  • Fully compatible with traditional Boolean queries
  • Complex JSON queries for even the most advanced user to create and experiment however they want

Easy sharing, administration, and security for all users down to the dashboard chart

  • Eliminates the hassle of sharing reports by allowing quick, easy distribution to both internal and external teams
  • Unprecedented flexibility and control to users, ensuring that every team member, from data analysts to casual viewers, can experience your data story
  • With an advanced admin panel, Infegy Starscape guarantees that confidential custom datasets remain protected

No other social media and consumer intelligence platform is like Infegy Starscape

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