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Our data is the difference


Diverse sources

The most popular social media channels plus forums, blogs, and news


AI driven

Best-in-class sentiment analysis, plus emotional analysis in many languages



Unlimited mentions and queries - whatever you need, whenever you need


Drag-and-drop querying



The most innovative visual query builder to make querying easy for all users - no boolean necessary


Complexity friendly

Create queries as original and specific as you need by mixing entities, sources, and anything else you can consider


Fastest speed to insight

Large queries, faster than our competitors told you was possible

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Customized social intelligence


Your data, your way

Thousands of ways to view the data you need, with the ability to customize groupings and many different visualization types


Custom insights

Drag-and-drop your way to customized dashboards or just use a template to get the insights you need


Share reports

Send your insights to any stakeholder inside your company or outside

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We take your success seriously


Onboarding included

Fully built out training and onboarding to get you comfortable in the tool


Award-winning support

Recognized on G2 Reviews for offering the best support and best relationship with clients


Client success

Dedicated client success team members to gain the insights you need

Brand Management

For brands, Infegy Starscape creates easy reporting about performance, campaigns, and competitors.
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Consumer Behavior + Insights

Learn how consumers are reacting to events, products, trends, and everything else that may be on their minds. Segment based on age, gender, location, and so much more.
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Competitive Intelligence

Know how your audience is reacting to their products, your products, and everything else you need to know.
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Market Research

Creating a survey where you can make real decisions can be daunting and expensive, Infegy allows you to learn an unlimited amount of information about an audience, a product, or a customer.
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