Future Forward: 2023 Unwrapped, 2024 Preview

Watch this playback of Infegy employees, Henry and Zoë present the top trends we saw in 2023, and discuss trends we see growing in 2024. 

We'll dig into to: 

📈 Top trends in social media conversations for 2023

📈 Trends we see making the biggest splash in 2024

📈 How we approach trend analysis with the Infegy Product Suite 



Watch a recording of the webinar

Your speakers

Henry Chapman
Insight Lead @ Infegy
Zoë McCarthy
Client Success Lead @ Infegy

Who are we?

Infegy provides the best way for companies to know their consumers and how to market to them. Founded in 2007, companies of all sizes use Infegy’s market leading text analytics and social intelligence solutions to create actionable insights to inform strategic decision-making.