Gen Z Personas

A Technical Report by Infegy

Generation Z is no longer a future buyer or employee – they are here. As Gen Z makes up over a quarter of the population, it’s essential to understand how this generation is similar to their predecessors, and what makes them unique.

In this report, we use industry-leading social listening and consumer intelligence analysis to understand this new generation’s interests, passions, and what drives them. You will also gain access to:

  • Data-driven Gen Z personas. Learn what attributes and values define Gen Z, what drives how they behave, and what brands they love.
  • Exclusive Gen Z consumer insights. Understand how these audiences interact online, including their thoughts, sentiment, and emotions surrounding topics and brands.
  • Tactics brands use to connect with Gen Z. Discover what brand values resonate with Gen Z and get a glimpse at which brands are poised to win over young consumers.
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