Generation Z Purchasing Behaviors

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Generation Z is impossible to predict or understand…at least that’s what you’ve been led to believe. The truth is, Gen Z uses social media to discuss what they want and what they love. All you have to do is listen.

In this guide, we dig into Gen Z conversations and pinpoint key insights that reveal how they shop, what they buy, and how brands can connect with them. Download the guide, and learn how you can position your brand to resonate with this up-and-coming group of consumers by understanding:

  • Gen Z social media behaviors. Discover how Gen Z interacts online. Gen Z consumers talk about their shopping behavior, lifestyles and how they self identify – making this data crucial.
  • How and why Gen Z buys. Get exclusive analyses on how Gen Z consumers spend their money, why they save money, their lifestyles and shopping trends, and how they view brands and brand values.
  • The formula for winning over Gen Z. Learn how our social listening research writes the playbook for connecting with Gen Z consumers, and earning their loyalty.
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