Infegy's Starscape API

Harnessing Speed + Flexibility in Social Listening

Infegy CEO, Justin Graves, and Henry Chapman share use cases, walkthrough the API's functionality, and share how the Infegy Starscape API is truly groundbreaking for social media analytics and beyond.

They discussed:

- How the Starscape API is truly a  revolutionary way to analyze social media data 

- Walkthrough what the Starscape API looks like and how to build with it

- Great and creative use cases for how to utilize the Starscape API


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Your speakers

Justin Graves
CEO @ Infegy

Who are we?

Infegy provides the best way for companies to know their consumers and how to market to them. Founded in 2007, companies of all sizes use Infegy’s market leading text analytics and social intelligence solutions to create actionable insights to inform strategic decision-making.