TikTok Insights: Campaigns, Influencers, and Connecting with Audiences

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TikTok is a culmination of enthusiastic content creators and consumers who are eager to engage in detailed conversation about themselves, and promote brands and products they love. This unprecedented look into consumers' daily lives provides brands and agencies a unique opportunity to design more engaging and targeted campaigns.

In this report, you’ll find data and insights that show how brands can connect with their target audiences, pinpoint influencers, and analyze TikTok campaigns. Get an exclusive social listening analysis of popular TikTok campaigns, learn the best metrics to use, and see how some top brands are winning over TikTok audiences. You will also:

  • See how TikTok campaigns can succeed by analyzing real-world campaigns that experienced success.
  • Identify the characteristics and elements of successful TikTok campaigns based on specific goals.
  • Discover how widely TikTok audience demographics and audience segments vary, and how your campaigns can succeed at reaching them.


Influencers Can Be More Impactful on TikTok Than Other Social Platforms

By and large, the most impactful element of a TikTok campaign is the use and choice of influential, trusted, and relevant influencers. TikTok is a melting pot of enthusiastic content creators and content consumers who are eager to promote brands and products they love and engage in detailed conversation about them and themselves.

On TikTok, user advocacy of a brand has stronger influence than a brand voice does. This makes leveraging TikTok influencers indispensable to your strategy. The content they create is realistic and trusted, making their views more provoking. This leads to a bigger impact on driving behaviors. For instance, dermatologist influencers dishing on their favorite skincare products or actor Will Smith talking about his favorite series streaming online drives people to buy or add shows to their binge-watch list.

Example: Dunkin' Enlisted the Perfect Influencer Partnership Leading to a Breakout TikTok Campaign Success Story

Dunkin' is one of the most mentioned brands on TikTok, largely due to TikTok influencer and Dunkin' superfan Charli D’amelio. She isa frequent customer and often expresses her love for Dunkin' on TikTok, mentioning her obsession with the brand and her favorite items. She invented a Dunkin' drink and she even calls her fans “#Dunkins.” So, a sponsored partnership was a no-brainer for Dunkin'. As a result, Dunkin’ became part of Gen-Z’s aspirational lifestyle and part of the group of idolized brands.

Charli’s followers trusted that she genuinely loved Dunkin’ which amplified the success of the TikTok campaign.


Playbook for Successful TikTok Campaigns

Consider TikTok a massive playground for different types of campaigns. Users from all backgrounds - from Gen Z to moms - are on TikTok. Focused research on your target audiences will be key to understanding what will work.TikTok presents an opportunity to brand, promote, and drive enthusiasm for your brand/product. Below, we looked at 3 successful TikTok campaigns and why they worked.

Example: 3 Successful Beauty Campaigns for Different Goals

TikTok success hinges on the goal of the campaign. These three beauty/skincare campaigns are well known and wildly successful TikTok campaigns. Each began with very different goals, resulting in different types of conversation across the platform.

With the right metrics mix, you can develop an understanding of a campaigns performance to help you plan your TikTok strategy. Key metrics vary with the intent of the campaign. Broad volume metrics are the most useful if the goal is measuring brand awareness (especially if it’s more subtle).

If the aim is at a long-term relationship with amore targeted audience, demographic and emotion metrics should be considered as the best success indicator. If the aim is at a widely defined audience (like millennials) and you’re targeting them with specific products, a blend of volume, emotion, and demographic metrics should be closely evaluated.


#ThiIsBliss was a song and dance based contest featuring the skincare product. The campaign focused on spreading the message of confidence with a broad target of teens struggling with skin problems.It was ideal for building product awareness to a specific generation.

Views: 6.8B
Female: 63%
Love: 9.3%
Purchase Intent: 2.1%


#EyesLipsFace was an extension of a previously successful E.L.F Campaign.The campaign focused on targeting a more niche audience of female makeup enthusiasts. It encouraged TikTok users to dance and express their personal style.

Views: 7.2B
Female: 87%
Love: 11%
Purchase Intent: 2.3%


L’Oreal’s #LetsFaceItcampaign was aimed at broad reach and an association with social benefit. The campaign encouraged mask wearing asa sort of social “call to arms” to protect one another.

Views: 16.9B
Female: 53%
Love: 7.4%
Purchase Intent: 2%



TikTok AudiencesVary, So Can Your Campaigns

The devil is in the details in social listening analysis- and one constant is brand teams have the tendency to base campaigns off assumptions. If you’re assuming that TikTok is just for the younger crowd, you’d be missing out on a massive group of unspoiled audiences. To get a better grasp of which audiences engage most on TikTok, you can breakout engagement by age group and by audience segments like moms or LGBTQ+.

Example: TikTok’s Popularity Rises as Other Generations, Including a Significant Number Of Older Users, Embrace the Channel

Hashtag analysis of audiences posting “#over30” revealed a large group of active users engaging on TikTok, particularly moms and single parents. Early older adopters are often members of the LGBTQ+ community as well. Still, brand campaigns are less likely to be mentioned in the #over30 audience. A well targeted campaign for these groups wouldn’t face much competition and will have more opportunity to gain traction.


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