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"It provides extremely valuable audience insights and social media data that is typically impossible to reach, let alone analyze with any depth. Without it, we would miss out on insights from vital platforms."
Oliver Lewis

Chief Innovation Officer of Convosphere

Drag-and-drop insights

Completely flexible drag-and-drop dashboards with limitless combinations of data fields and chart types, so you can find the insights that truly matter to you in Infegy Starscape.


The most accurate sentiment engine available

Using Infegy IQ, we can see a broader view of sentiment for accuracy. Instead of each word just being assigned a value, our words are analyzed with the others around it to define the context and lead to one of the most accurate sentiment engines in the industry. Get the most accurate picture of your brand/audience’s sentiment.

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Querying for all levels

New to querying? We have a visual query builder so you can see the blocks and build exactly what you need. Boolean pro? We have that too. Our API is also a flexible way to access the data for your tool or LLM training.


Go beyond basic analysis with the Infegy product suite

Understand all of the relationships of conversations with narratives, faster than our competitors told you was possible. 

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