Infegy's API

Use our social media listening API to develop an app or train a machine learning model.


Download at scale

Train more accurate machine learning models by downloading as much data as you want.


Custom aggregations

Build and export your own social listening metrics with Infegy IQ, the best AI text analytics engine in the business. 

Easy query building

We built an easy-to-use drag-and-drop query editor that enables fast, error-free query building.

Use Cases


App development

Build scalable applications using our social listening dataset. 


Train AI models

Use the petabytes of text we've collected since 2007 to train your large language model. 


Unstructured data

Coming soon, you can upload your own text data for Infegy to analyze for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of API does Infegy Starscape use?

We use a standard REST API based on HTTP GET requests. The standalone API that we offer is the same one that powers our front end.

Can I use any programming language with it?

Yes, we support any programming language that supports HTTP GET and POST requests.

How many posts or records can I export at once?

We scale by field. You can export 250k integers at once. 

Do you support pagination?

Yes, our new API supports pagination. 

How do you write queries?

We use a nested query structure that enables up to 25,000 customized aggregations. This enables API and front-end users to build the metrics they care about. 

How do you handle billing?

We use a pay-as-you-go framework, meaning you only pay for the data you export.

Do you have publicly available documentation?

Yes, here's the link to our API documentation.

Our social media listening API is unlike any available

  • Unlimited usage allowed

  • Access billions of posts

  • Flexible, fast, and intuitive


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