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Fast, transparent, and unlimited data access

With our API, you get access to the same data pipeline that powers the award-winning Infegy Atlas platform. If you can see it in the UI, you can get it in the API. We even have data and insights available beyond what you see in Infegy Atlas. We can’t wait to share them with you!

Unlimited queries

Unlike other consumer intelligence providers, The Infegy API puts no limits on the number of subjects you can query. No UI required!



Fully automated

Our API is entirely automated, with no UI required for its use. Generate thousands of queries, pulling back a wealth of data spanning 16 years of history on the fly, entirely from your code.

Quick query generation

You’ll spend less time fighting with obnoxious query syntax, and more time getting answers. Our UI generates API requests for you, so you can copy and paste a formatted request right into your script to get started quickly.


Award-winning platform and customer support designed to help you stand out

Infegy invests in clients the same way they invest in us.


We’re your partner on the journey to actionable market and consumer insights. With Infegy Atlas, you not only get a fast, intuitive and insight-rich social listening tool, you also receive hands-on consultation and training from our Client Success and Support teams.

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Infegy API FAQ

Learn more about our exclusive API through our most frequently asked questions.

What kind of API does Atlas use?

Atlas uses a standard REST API based on HTTPS GET requests. The standalone API we offer is the same one that powers our front-end. That means that any Infegy client can get access to the very same data that powers Infegy Atlas. 

How can I use Infegy’s API?

API access is available as an add-on to a standard Infegy Atlas license. Please talk with your sales or client success executive to learn more.

Does Infegy’s API provide more information than what’s presented in Infegy Atlas?

Yes! There’s a world more information, beyond what our developers fit into the front end, that clients can access via the API. Additionally, API clients can get even more granular data than what’s available in the front end. 

Some examples of how the API can upgrade your search for insights:

  • Infegy Atlas word clouds display the top 50 most important topics; our API can give you hundreds more. 
  • Our front-end is tuned to hourly post volume changes; with API access, you can get post volume and Sentiment updates down to the second.
  • Our front end displays worldwide geographic distribution by country; API requests can zoom into individual posts’ coordinates.
Why else would I use the API over the Infegy Atlas front-end?

The API allows for automating queries, so you can get information without having to click through the website yourself. You can also use the API to feed Atlas data right into other software, platforms, or analysis tools.

Can I upload data via the Infegy API?

Yes, our API can handle data uploads of your own data using our Custom Datasets functionality. Contact us if you’d like to learn more.

What programming languages does the Infegy Atlas API support?

Any programming language that supports sending web requests! This includes any popular language, such as Python, Rust, Go, Javascript, Java, C#, C++, Swift, along with pretty much any other modern programming language.

How easy is it to learn the API’s query structure?

Super easy! We provide an “Export” Tab in Infegy Atlas which provides any query you write in a copyable code block. That means you can write a complex query with nested boolean operators guided by the front-end’s syntax checker, copy it, and paste it into your script to get started quickly.

Atlas query structure

How complicated are the API’s outputs?

We use a traditional nested structure for our query outputs. This structure is well documented, so you don’t have to fight through puzzling and obtuse JSONs to isolate the specific data you’re looking for. Additionally, we visualize your output’s structure in the front-end’s “Export” tab, so you can glance at which key:value pair you’re looking for, without having to bump around in the dark.

API output


What format can I get data back in?

We default to JSON. Data endpoints can optionally be output in XML or an Excel file instead.

Can I see some examples of data visualizations made with Infegy’s API?


Here’s a visualization of the growing popularity of the 😭emoji over the last 10 years. We made this visualization by issuing a query for top hashtags for ten consecutive years and then plotting the data.

HubSpot Video


Here’s another example of how the Infegy research team visualized data using the API. We queried every US senator, then looked at each senator’s related Entity. We then drew a graph highlighting their connections.



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What our customers say

“Infegy's proprietary technology is a game changer for me as a researcher and strategist. They don't have to work closely with platform partners who have API limitations, which is what ultimately sets them apart and makes them best in class.”
Christina M
Senior Strategist
“The depth of data this tool provides is unmatched, and the support the team provides as you become familiar with the features is incredible. We have been using Infegy Atlas for three months now, and continue to discover new consumer insights and ways to market this data to our clients as we learn.”
Agency in Marketing and Advertising
"Infegy Atlas offers a superior platform for understanding target audiences/stakeholders. Just about every other platform out there has always felt best for monitoring, as opposed to real, genuine insights, so Infegy is a badly needed and elegant solution. My clients are continually on the hunt for a way to get reliable, strategic insights without heavy investments. This is a fantastic solution.”
David G
SVP, Head of Analytics

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