Infegy IQ

Artificial Intelligence-enabled text analytics

Infegy IQ is our text-native machine learning system at the core of our platforms, including Infegy Atlas, Infegy Canvas, and Infegy Starscape. It is a powerful tool for linguistic, sentiment, emotion, and theme analysis.

We understand language and dissect words based on the relationship with words around them. These relationships generate a wealth of data, producing valuable insights. 


Industry-leading accuracy

Read how we achieve an accuracy score of 96.1% tested against 1 million user feedback and reviews.


Language support

Our dataset is trained and supports dozens of languages ranging from English to Swahili.

Emotional analysis

Categorizing documents with ten emotions from disgust to joy to love, we analyze the true tenor of unstructured data.


Theme classification

We categorize text based on its overarching concepts, making it easier to understand their meaning at scale. For example, we detect how many customers are talking about leaving a brand which can give you an early indication about customer churn.

Use Cases


Behavior detection

Figure out when your customers are in an aggregated product buying mood. 


Brand recognition

Uncover how often your brand is mentioned across billions of records. 


Survey data analysis

Upload your call transcripts, reviews, or surveys to understand what your users truly think.

Unlike any other social media and consumer intelligence platform

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