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Our powerful platform doesn’t just collect and analyze social data. It's a conduit that converts the deluge of social conversations into quantifiable, structured and usable data — all in mere moments. With Infegy Atlas, you'll be equipped to make the business decisions that matter, when they matter.


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Industry-leading social listening powered by revolutionary text and data analysis

We streamline conversations from diverse sources, distilling social noise into usable trends, metrics, and reports.

Harness the power of text


Infegy Atlas uses in-depth, proprietary text analytics, content analysis, and machine learning. Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine can analyze languages representing three-fourths of the global population, with accurate sentiment perception, so you can harness actionable data, insight, and consumer feedback from any text.

Access trillions of data points

Infegy Atlas takes in massive datasets from a multitude of sources — social media, blogs, forums, and more. These trillions of current and historical data points are made available through visually represented analytics — all of which can be customized to focus on the metrics most relevant to your business, planning, and marketing needs.

Arrive at insights within seconds


We’ve engineered Infegy Atlas with state-of-the-art processing power so that you receive results within seconds, not hours or days. With Infegy Atlas, you can spend more time interpreting the information instead of waiting for it, and making decisions that matter, when they matter.

Make broad strides in the market landscape

Position your strategies, campaign-planning, brand management, and even the R&D phases of your business for success with deliverables only Infegy Atlas can provide:

10 Ways to Use Social Listening for Brand and Business Wins

Discover the high-impact ways social listening equips your team for immediate brand, strategy, and business wins in this free guide.

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Award-winning platform and customer support designed to help you stand out

We’re your partner on the journey to actionable market and consumer insight. With Atlas, you not only get a fast, intuitive and insight-rich social listening tool, you also receive hands-on consultation and training from our Client Success and Support teams. We invest in clients the same way they invest in us.

Enterprise Grid® Report for Social Media Monitoring | Spring 2022


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Small-Business Grid® for Social Media Monitoring | Spring 2022


Grid® Report for Social Media Monitoring | Spring 2022

What our customers say

“Infegy's proprietary technology is a game changer for me as a researcher and strategist. They don't have to work closely with platform partners who have API limitations, which is what ultimately sets them apart and makes them best in class.”
Christina M
Senior Strategist
“The depth of data this tool provides is unmatched, and the support the team provides as you become familiar with the features is incredible. We have been using Infegy Atlas for three months now, and continue to discover new consumer insights and ways to market this data to our clients as we learn.”
Agency in Marketing and Advertising
"Infegy Atlas offers a superior platform for understanding target audiences/stakeholders. Just about every other platform out there has always felt best for monitoring, as opposed to real, genuine insights, so Infegy is a badly needed and elegant solution. My clients are continually on the hunt for a way to get reliable, strategic insights without heavy investments. This is a fantastic solution.”
David G
SVP, Head of Analytics

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No other social listening platform performs like Infegy Atlas

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