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We’re your partner on the journey to actionable market and consumer insights. With Infegy Atlas, you not only get a fast, intuitive and insight-rich social listening tool, you also receive hands-on consultation and training from our Client Success and Support teams.

Enterprise Grid® Report for Social Media Monitoring | Summer 2022


Mid-Market Grid® Report for Social Media Monitoring | Summer 2022


Small-Business Grid® for Social Media Monitoring | Summer 2022


Grid® Report for Social Media Monitoring | Summer 2022

What our customers say

“Infegy's proprietary technology is a game changer for me as a researcher and strategist. They don't have to work closely with platform partners who have API limitations, which is what ultimately sets them apart and makes them best in class.”
Christina M
Senior Strategist
“The depth of data this tool provides is unmatched, and the support the team provides as you become familiar with the features is incredible. We have been using Infegy Atlas for three months now, and continue to discover new consumer insights and ways to market this data to our clients as we learn.”
Agency in Marketing and Advertising
"Infegy Atlas offers a superior platform for understanding target audiences/stakeholders. Just about every other platform out there has always felt best for monitoring, as opposed to real, genuine insights, so Infegy is a badly needed and elegant solution. My clients are continually on the hunt for a way to get reliable, strategic insights without heavy investments. This is a fantastic solution.”
David G
SVP, Head of Analytics