Infegy Atlas FAQ

Learn more about Infegy Atlas through our most frequently asked questions.


What is Infegy Atlas?

Infegy Atlas is a consumer intelligence platform that analyzes text from online conversations, news sources, and more. Organizations of all sizes in all industries enjoy instant access to dozens of metrics, including sentiment, passions, and intent, to understand their audiences, industry, and market. 

How can I use the consumer intelligence from Infegy Atlas?

Our clients use data and information from Infegy Atlas in various ways, including audience segmentation and persona building, competitive intelligence, market research, and brand management. Learn other ways to use Infegy Atlas’ data by downloading our eBook, 10 Ways to Use Social Listening.

How much does Infegy Atlas cost?

We have packages that fit the needs of every size business in every industry. See our pricing page for more information.

What sources does Infegy Atlas support?

Our dataset includes data from major social platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and more. Our sources also include blogs and forums such as Tumblr and Reddit, as well as news sites.

How much historical data does Infegy have?

We began collecting social data January 1, 2007 for tenured sources. We began collecting other sources like Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, and more as they emerged. With Infegy Atlas, you have the option to have instant access to all of our historical data for more context and better trending. We also collect data at the author level to unlock deeper historical insights at the audience and persona level into consumer behaviors and trends.

What is Infegy Atlas’ social data sample size?

Infegy’s data collection methodology aggregates and indexes data from a multitude of sources over time. From that collection, we take a normalized approach to estimate volume to provide more accurate metrics mirroring real-world populations, a process validated by our third-party research partners. Clients can filter and segment by their preference, including follower count/influence, gender, age, audiences like Gen Z and Millennials, and more. Sample sizes are the most robust and balanced in the industry to avoid channel bias. Contact us for more information about our data collection methodology.

Does Infegy collect private posts?

No. Infegy only gathers publicly available posts from brands, entities, and individuals. For more information about our data collection and methodology, contact us.

Can I publish my own content through Infegy Atlas?

No, Infegy Atlas does not support creating or publishing owned social posts.

Are there limitations on the number of queries or filters you can use?

No - Infegy does not limit the number of queries or filters. Infegy includes multiple filters that you can apply in any combination and layer as many as you like.

What kind of demographic and geographic data do you provide? How is this collected?

Demographic information includes gender, age, and geography (country, state, DMA) and is self-reported information from the authors via location settings, bios, and posts. We also offer Census data for the US. For more information about our data collection and methodology, contact us.

What kind of sentiment data do you provide? How is this collected and measured?

Infegy uses a proprietary NLP system backed by the most advanced technology publicly available for text analysis. Independent tests proved our sentiment analysis results are 95.8% precise. Our data team reviews all sentiment feedback and we’re constantly monitoring and adjusting sentiment analysis as the way people write online changes. For more information about our data collection and methodology, contact us.

Do you have an API?

Yes - We have a robust API accessible for use with Infegy Atlas subscriptions.

What kind of product training and support do you provide?

Infegy offers at-the-ready support, step-by-step guides, as well as additional in-house training and support services. Visit our Client Success page to learn more.

Do you have other questions? Contact us to set up a consultation with our consumer intelligence experts.