Infegy's Most Trusted Brands of 2024

Infegy's Most Trusted Brands of 2024

Last Updated On: January 17, 2024

We're proud to provide our latest Most Trusted Brands Report for 2024. Infegy's Most Trusted Brands Report is a cutting-edge tool, updated weekly, to showcase which brands consumers currently trust the most.

Our methodology

We run our report weekly, sourcing from the top two thousand global companies (ranked by revenue). We filter by positive sentiment for each company and then sort by the number of posts containing our Trust Index. This dashboard then displays Trends, Linguistics, and Maps for the top twenty of that week's most trusted global brands. We use a large language model which summarizes Wikipedia articles to generate company summaries that might contain errors.

How do we isolate brands?

We isolate brands using Infegy’s Entity Detection algorithm. Entities are nouns (people, places, or things) frequently appearing in social media posts. They can range from car brands to the US president to Apple’s iPhone. We use pattern recognition to look for all the underlying content, so if you look for the "Apple" Entity, you'll get all the underlying posts that mention iPhones, and other Apple products.

How to use it?

Scroll down the page and click on the brand card that interests you most. You'll head to a brand page that has Trends, Linguistics, and Post Geography associated with that brand. If you want to know more, schedule a demo with one of our team members.

Dataset period: Rolling query 1 year ago from last run date using Infegy’s Starscape API and the Infegy social data set. Descriptions of brands and companies sourced from various online sources. The original list of 2000 companies originates from Forbes. Text summaries were generated by large language models summarizing Wikipedia articles and might contain errors.