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The essential role of client success: Unveiling 3 compelling reasons

Creating and maintaining a successful social listening practice can be tedious and all-consuming, especially when you don’t have the right tool and team in place. Fear not! We have just the solution for you. When you invest in Infegy, we invest in you.

A partner dedicated to you

An important element to a partnership with Infegy is our Client Success team. What that means is an Infegy professional will be assigned to you, for all of your Infegy social listening, training, and support needs. This crucial extension of your team combines the expertise you bring to the table with a partner dedicated to your success with expertise in Infegy’s social listening suite. This is to ensure you’re getting the best results and achieving your business outcomes using our platform.

Work with your Infegy team for things like:

  • Workspace help
  • Custom data
  • API assistance
  • Dashboard building
  • Custom audience segmentation
  • Custom theming and analysis

Your personal guide to insights

Let’s face it, it’s a big world when it comes to conversation on social media. It can be hard to tell where to begin, how to focus in, and where to find key insights fast. The nuance surrounding the skill of social listening starts with setting up your initial search, and stretches into the pro-level tips and tricks that unlock the crucial conversations you seek. Starting your search doesn’t have to be intimidating anymore! Our Client Success team helps guide you in trainings, workshops, and 1:1 sessions for workspace building, search refining, and more. Not only can we help you craft a precise search, but we can also speed up the leg work for you. Get the research you need AND lessen internal search creation for you and your team today!

Support that’s convenient for you

Having a partner to help with research is great, but what about those moments where you need something NOW? With Infegy, you have the following options:

  • Feature documentation
  • Tutorial videos
  • Live chat
  • On-site client visits

Instant help

When you team up with Infegy, you not only receive an incredible tool and Client Success Lead, but also the extensive documentation section within the Infegy product suite. Read an article or watch a video to get instant answers to your specific questions.

On-the-go chat

Live chat with a Client Support Specialist within Infegy Atlas! When you’re on-the-go, or simply unable to locate an answer to your question in an article or video in the documentation section, chat with us. We have extended hours to accommodate time zones. We can even schedule some quick time to screen share and work side-by-side with you.

Face-to-face help

We love working with clients in person! In addition to our incredible and quick online options, sometimes a face-to-face session is a better option for everyone. If you and your team are in-person learners, you can work with your designated Client Success Lead to easily get an in-person training scheduled.

Customized training built for you

Success isn’t one size fits all, and supporting your team to learn the tool you're subscribing to, shouldn’t be an upcharge. With Infegy, you receive an onboarding program built specifically for your team’s needs, that your designated Client Success Lead manages. By the time you finish onboarding with us, our goal is to make you an expert Infegy user. During this initial education phase, you and your Client Success Lead will define what success looks like based on your business goals, and then determine the steps needed to achieve success within your partnership. Some of the customizable options offered are:

  • Workshop sessions from basics to advanced learning
  • Specific project support
  • Recurring workshop calls to cover product updates and more
  • Stakeholder quarterly strategy sessions

Another benefit to these sessions is that you’re able to work through projects directly with your Client Success Lead and provide real-time feedback based on what you’re experiencing. The Infegy product suite is built for you and based on your feedback! We know you are the experts in your field, and we understand that to build the best platform for you, we NEED your feedback! And we love seeing your ideas come to life in our solutions.

Why Infegy is the solution for you

There is no better way to say it - When you invest in Infegy, we invest back in you. Your success is essential for ours, and we take pride in the success of our partner! If you’re interested in learning more, schedule a customized demo today!