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Announcing: Additional sources to the Infegy Social dataset

Infegy prides itself on building the fastest social listening platform with a foundational diverse dataset. Since our beginning in 2007, social channels have continued to proliferate and we have made sure that our dataset reflects these new channels where consumers are discussing products and topics of importance.

Over the last year, new channels have been created to compete with the highly troubled Twitter/X. This space was important for social listening due to its text-based microblogging focus.

However, where one door closes, another door opens! Meta’s Threads, BlueSky and Mastodon either have grown or launched in the last year in order to create a place for the engaging discussion that was once available on Twitter. BlueSky and Mastodon excite us in particular, as they are federated, decentralized networks, something we’ve written about extensively in the past. All follow a similar text-based microblogging format with different ways to create discussions or hosting, but overall intended to re-create Twitter at its pinnacle.

Here at Infegy, we are proud to announce that we are now collecting data from each of these channels, along with Reddit comments. We can’t wait to see all of the analyses our clients will be able to access with these sources.

A bit more about these sources:

  • Threads: Meta’s answer for microblogging. The format is similar and upon its launch was the largest-growing app of all time. While engagement has been low since, it continues to have active users.
  • Mastodon: A federated network creating individual communities and versions of microblogging. Unlike Threads, engagement is quite high on this particular platform and should contain interesting insights from its users.
  • BlueSky: This is the federated network app created by the founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey. It was initially an app in development within the walls of Twitter, but then was created as its own entity. It still has relatively low volume, but it is a place where users are communicating.
  • Reddit Comments: While we’ve been collecting Reddit post data for years, we’ve expanded that collection dramatically by adding Reddit comments. This expands not only our collection volume, but also your ability to see and tell compelling stories about your brand or research topic.

We are very excited about these new sources that join many, many other channels available for our clients. Staying current in places where consumers are communicating is very important for us. If you are interested in seeing our data at work in the Infegy product suite, please schedule a demo.