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From Image to Insight: Atlas Enhancements Increase Visual Support

We are excited to bring you this latest release which provides new capabilities to gain actionable insights from visual platforms. Along with additional channel enhancements, this release offers a more robust dataset, more in-depth audience segmentation and demographic insights, and more context to topics and themes associated with posts.

Making visual platforms more valuable

The rise in imagery and video content has exponentially accelerated the popularity and growth of visual platforms like TikTok and Instagram. While user bases and content creation on these platforms are booming, the nature of visual media makes it difficult to capture and analyze conversations. This leaves a significant gap in the social data landscape and creates potential blind spots for brands. Our latest release is changing this. 

We are happy to announce Atlas's new capabilities to collect, analyze and report on text and media in images and video. These once limited channels can now provide valuable insights into audience demographics, sentiment, themes, and emotions to strengthen your social listening strategies and plans.


Here are a few highlights of this release:

Getting more from TikTok

This latest release increases Atlas's ability to analyze TikTok videos and provide more insights into audience profiles, sentiment, and themes. You can now search and analyze sticker and closed-captioning text and extract insights to uncover more trends and better assess sentiment and emotions. Additionally, we can now collect and analyze TikTok media. You can now capture the music and sounds accompanying TikTok videos and discover new trending types to inform personas and campaigns.

Expanding Instagram 

Atlas now natively supports Instagram Reels and collects image metadata with this release. These two powerful enhancements make static visuals actionable and give users new ways to learn about their audiences, needs, and drivers. We also index reel links and tagged public users to better understand associated topics, themes, and entities. Like TikTok, these new capabilities provide new analytic opportunities to contextualize visuals with text.

Increasing your scope of data

No social listening program would be successful without data. The more data points you can collect, the more information and context you will receive. That's why with this release, we increased our data collection volume and are offering clients even more data points from TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, V Konkate, and Weibo. These expanded datasets provide a more comprehensive view into online conversations to better understand audience demographics, identify and track influencers, and discover relevant and related topics and themes.


We are continually improving and growing Atlas's capabilities to provide you with the fastest, most comprehensive, and accurate insights possible. This release continues to build on our already robust dataset to provide you with even more opportunities to learn more about your audiences.


For more information about this release, reach out to your Client Success representative or contact us here.