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How to use social intelligence to win new business pitches: a free eBook

When it comes to attracting and converting new clients, the competition is fierce. You need every tool at your disposal to assure your future clients that you understand their needs and can deliver targeted marketing strategies to elevate their brands to the next level.

Your clients want access to fast, reliable, consumer-focused data. Social listening solutions, such as Infegy Atlas, provide timely information so you can offer custom insights and targeted strategies to enhance your clients’ brands.

To help you get started with social listening, we’ve written a free eBook, How to Win New Business with Social Listening Insights.


Social listening insights – your team’s key to success

If you’re an agency marketer, consultant or planner looking to elevate your pitch, this eBook is for you. When marketing to new clients, not only do you need to differentiate your agency and personnel, you must also demonstrate your understanding of the prospect’s industry, consumers, brand, products/services, and more.

Even if you have unlimited time to focus on your pitch (which you don’t!), how can you ensure it stands out from a sea of competitors?

This free eBook offers strategies to get the most out of your social listening platform and use social media analytics to:

  • Streamline your process when creating pitches that win.
  • Better understand your potential client’s company.
  • Understand your prospective client’s consumers and competitors.
  • Back your creativity and ideas with substantial data.

It illustrates how you can use the Infegy Atlas social listening platform to gain an edge when competing for new clients.

To learn how social listening can help you take your pitch to the next level, download a copy of our eBook, How to Win New Business with Social Listening Insights.

Here’s a sneak peek of this free eBook (Figure 1).

Figure 1: A glimpse into our free eBook, How to Win new Business with Social Listening Insights.

Social intelligence – going beyond the pitch

In addition to getting you prepared to deliver a winning pitch, our free eBook offers strategies for how to use social listening as the first brick in building a foundation of trust with your clients. By offering custom insights that resonate, you can demonstrate that you have what it takes to serve each client’s unique needs.

Social intelligence data helps you form insights into a company, its customers and its competition. As a result, you can craft custom marketing strategies to help optimize your client’s outcomes.

In our free eBook, we offer strategies to help you implement social listening intelligence to gain insight into:

  • Consumer sentiment surrounding the client’s brand.
  • The client’s target consumers, where to meet them, and their interests and motivations.
  • The brand’s competitive landscape, and opportunities for marketplace differentiation.


In today’s competitive landscape, your agency’s success depends on your ability to effectively attract and convert new clients. You need relevant data to help you develop actionable insights into a prospect’s company, consumers, and competition.

Download our free eBook, How to Win New Business with Social Listening Insights today and learn how you can rise above the competition to win new clients.

To learn even more about how social listening with Infegy Atlas can provide your specific business or brand with the intel you need, request a free custom demo today! We’d love to hear what your consumer intelligence needs are and assist you with our data and analytics solutions.