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Introducing Narratives, Clustering and TikTok Analysis in Infegy Atlas

Getting into the minds of consumers is no easy task. You need the right tools to understand what consumers say - and why. 


The brand new version of the premier social listening platform, Infegy Atlas, is built with that core objective in mind: helping you make better sense of the noisy world of online conversations and find the insight hiding within the chaos.


So, let’s get you acquainted.

Here’s what’s packed into the all new version of Infegy Atlas:

  • TikTok Analysis!
  • Interactive AI topic mapping 
  • New visualizations
  • Canadian provinces geography analysis
  • And more!


Here’s a look at some of these brand new features in a little more detail:


1) Identify and Visualize the Leading Topics of Conversation with Topic Clusters

It’s important that you identify how people discuss key topics related to your brand or industry so you can decode those conversations and turn them into action.


The all new topic clusters graph helps you connect the dots within social conversations to pinpoint how related topics are most connected to each other.


In a matter of seconds, this visualization maps out the most mentioned topics and words related to those topics within your search so you can quickly make sense of the online conversation.These maps are fully interactive, allowing you to move and sort them within the visual and zero in on how words and topics are connected.


With Topic Clusters, your team can:

  • Identify positive/negative/leading word associations
  • Identify hashtag and emoji associations
  • Identify brands and influencer @ mentions
  • Identify related words used in source biographies

TopicCluster Gif (1)

TopicCluster Gif (1)Add a subheading (1)

2) Use "Narratives" to Understand How Topics, Stories and Themes Trend Over Time

Social conversations don’t exist in a vacuum. They happen all over the web at different points in time. Over time, the themes and messages in these conversations tell stories that are essential for you to hone in on.


The new Narratives tool uses advanced AI to automatically identify, group, and name thematic conversations over time. It’s a powerful new way to diagram and compare the types of themes being discussed, so you can easily spot key trends and understand the narrative.


Here’s what you can do within Narratives:

  • Identify the main drivers of conversation around a topic across social channels
  • Visualize thematic clusters trended daily, weekly, monthly or yearly
  • Quantitatively analyze themes by trends or points in time
  • Understand how campaigns and influencers impact the overall brand conversation

Narratives GIF FULL for blog


Whether you’re analyzing the success of a new campaign or building a new brand strategy, seeing how specific stories or themes trend over time can quickly provide context and help you break down what’s earning the most attention online.

3) Now Get TikTok Analysis and Enhanced Reddit Data

Get in on the hype and make TikTok a part of your brand strategy. We can help.

With TikTok analytics, you can analyze conversations and comments that take place on the channel for demographics, topics, audience insights, brand and product mentions and more.


This can help you determine what and when to post, measure campaign analysis, strategize for TikTok campaigns, analyze audiences and audience segments, and understand how TikTok fits within all of your efforts.


This is the first social listening tool to offer TikTok data, meaning you can get a head start on analyzing the massive amount of conversations taking place on this channel every day.


In addition to TikTok, you also get improved Reddit analysis as a part of the deal, so you can drill down into all of those conversations from super fans and movie conspiracy theorists and everything in between.


While Infegy has always offered Reddit data within the Infegy platform, you’ll find an increased amount of data analyzed on Reddit and see that it is separated into its own channel source. This will give you all the analytics capabilities for each of the other social channels like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and more.


4) Use Customized Data Comparison Views with
Advanced Analytics

Social listening is all about context. Infegy’s team designs each of the features hyper-focused on the idea that you can better understand the high-level view of all those billions of data points hiding in the messy world of social media.


So, these two new features, Customizable Query Comparison Views, exemplify that goal perfectly:


Customizable Comparison Table with Heatmaps - Pinpoint which query, topic or brand gets the most conversation, sentiment, emotion, and more with a completely customizable comparison table. Consider this your easy-to-use scorecard, where you can compare your queries around brands and products by an unlimited number of metrics all in one view:


Axis Bubble Chart - Quickly compare which queries lead for targeted metrics with a bubble chart visual


5) Everything Else New Inside Infegy Atlas

The new features don’t end there. Here’s a list of further enhancements rolling out inside this massive social listening platform update:


  • Canadian Province Filter and Map (Image of map in Atlas) - Breakout percentage of social conversation, sentiment, themes and more by Canada provinces to visualize which regions lead for certain conversations and topics


  • Manual tagging of post themes and emotions - Similar to how you can change the sentiment or customize a theme on a post, you can add or remove an emotion for a post like 'joy' or 'disgust'.


  • Sharing Queries and Subquery Sets - This newly added function allows you to share Snippets or Subquery Sets you've created with either an individual team member or with your entire organization.


See it For Yourself

Social media and online conversations are filled with crucial insight that you might be missing.


How people express themselves online and the topics and stories they discuss can bring new understanding and context to your team. On-the-rise channels offer new avenues for consumers to present their mindset and behaviors to the world.


Visualizing the data hidden in these conversations and channels in innovative ways provides extra firepower to your brand strategy, marketing, and market research efforts.


Never before have analysts, strategists, social media marketers and other brand teams had this much control and insight in their hands. This is the ultimate A.I.-powered data truth-telling machine. And it just got even better.


The best part is that these insights are highly flexible and nimble, making them easily applicable to your unique situation.


Ready to see how these exciting new features in Infegy’s social listening tool can help your team? Don’t just stand there, check it out by booking a demo with the team today!