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6 Must-Try New Features in Infegy Atlas

This holiday season, we're bringing you the gift of 🔥new updates and features inside our premier social listening and analytics platform Infegy Atlas. Our engineering elves have been busy in the workshop building the year's final new and exciting features inside Infegy Atlas.
These fresh new features will help your team get more out of your social listening research and gain more world-changing insights spanning from audience segmentation to competitive analysis to customer journey mapping
Some of the highlights include engagement metrics 🎉📊📈🎉, sentiment analysis by geography, and the ability to customize your visuals with branded colors. Here are the top new features inside our social listening platform Infegy Atlas just in time for the new year! 
Subquery Sets (4)

Dive deeper into your queries with the new Subquery Sets feature in Atlas. This allows you to build and apply multiple subqueries to your primary query in Atlas. You can apply those subqueries to any query at the touch of a button. This is especially helpful if you are looking for product mentions inside a brand or frequently look for specific topics inside a query.

How to do it: To build subqueries, go to the Account Menu in the top right corner of Atlas and access the Subquery Sets option. Create a new query using Boolean language. When you're ready to use your Subquery Sets, simply choose "Subquery Sets" in the filters dropdown of the query builder and apply the saved Subquery Set.
Our favorite use of Subquery Sets so far? Looking at how people are talking about similar menu items across competing brands (we’re looking at you, chicken sandwiches).
Engagement Metrics 🙌
We’re excited to announce that engagement metrics are available in Infegy Atlas. Engagement metrics will allow you to track and filter by likes, comments, shares and engagements. You can now find engagement on the trends, posts, and influencers tabs! **Please note that only posts November 12, 2019 and after will have engagement metrics on the post.
Filter by or see engagement data for organic or owned posts. We recommend reporting on the Universe number for all metrics explained below.

  - Likes - Instagram, Twitter & Weibo
  - Comments - Instagram, Twitter & Weibo
  - Shares - Twitter, Weibo & Pinterest
  - Engagements - Number of Likes, Comments & Shares combined
Sort Posts 
Just like the title! From the Posts tab, you can now sort your verbatim by "None", “Newest", "Oldest", "Followers", "Following", "Shares", "Likes", "Comments" or "Influence”.
Sentiment by Geography
Sentiment Map
Now, this is pretty cool! Find out which countries, states or marketing areas like or dislike your query topic the most. Automatically color the topic with highest positivity green scaling down to red for the most negative. 

Custom Colors for Queries 
Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 3.34.16 PM

Customize the colors associated with each query! Just click on the pencil to the left of the query inside the color box and see for yourself how sharp a branded query looks.

Sharing Custom Datasets 
Rather than using multiple logins to upload one dataset, easily share your custom dataset with a coworker. Just hop into Custom Datasets inside the Account menu. Each Dataset will have the share feature.