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Meet Infegy Starscape. A new way to experience social listening

It’s a new day at Infegy and for our users! Our users will now have a better way to extract the insights from social data for strategic decision making. We now have the ability to look at metrics in a completely customized way, provided by a new API designed to support dynamic use cases across multiple datasets. Infegy Starscape is a platform that will become a place where you can analyze all of your data. It will allow your campaign success metrics from Adobe or Google to be next to conversations including your campaign hashtag. It’s truly going to change how the practice of social listening is completed and shared. Let’s review some of the revolutionary features included in the early access version.

Visual querying for everyone to find answers

In the Infegy Starscape platform, you have the ability to do complex querying without any experience with Boolean. The drag-and-drop visual query builder will allow anyone to combine multiple fields to build simple or complex queries. In legacy social listening products, there was a dependency on understanding Boolean or even more complicated languages to access the insights they needed. The new visual builder makes querying clear and easy. Get as granular or broad as you need. If you are still more comfortable with boolean expressions, you still have that option. If you are feeling really wild, you can also use the JSON search query option as well. No matter your level of experience, you will be able to find the information you need with the same blazing speed that has become synonymous with Infegy Atlas.

Additionally, for those where flexibility is more scary than exciting (don’t worry it’s actually quite common!), dashboards will have pre-built, templated views based on the most common use cases for social listening. Our team of social listening experts have curated templates designed for anything from Brand Health to massive Industry Analyses. It will simplify your workflow when you need answers fast. No matter what, analysis continues to be straightforward and provides the information you need from a quick report or planning deck, to deep audience research to give your team the edge to win your next pitch.

Visualizing data the way you need

The ability to create a completely customized dashboard now available with Infegy Starscape. Perhaps only certain charts were necessary to show your insight to stakeholders, but Infegy Atlas had all of the information on multiple tabs. Well, that problem is now solved with Infegy Starscape! You can mix queries on one dashboard. You can have a word cloud with sentiment analysis, a narratives graph, and a source bio breakdown all on the same page. The possibilities are endless and definitely allow for a much more flexible experience and presentation.

Sharing dashboards to anyone and everyone

Sharing a report used to require either a sign-on to Infegy Atlas, sending a screenshot, creating a PDF, or using custom dashboard builder, Infegy Canvas. While both are powerful platforms, it was limiting to use them to share out to large audiences for quick viewing. These reports, in Infegy Starscape, will now be able to be shared across any internal or external team. Dashboards that are shared will also have the ability to drill-down and review the underlying query so all assumptions will be clear and viewers can ask informed questions to their analysts.

Along with sharing options, we’ve now created more license types that will give our users the flexibility and control they have requested. Infegy Starscape will have Admin, Analyst, Quick Search, and View Only seats. The Analyst seat will have the ability to create dashboards, share analysis, and query anything they want. The Quick Search seat will have easy querying abilities within the specific limits set by the Admin . View only is for those inside or outside of the organization that just need to view a dashboard and do a quick drill down. These expanded seat license options will broaden the use of Infegy Starscape across any organization. Now everyone can access the insights that can change the future of a business with very little lift. The goal is to make sure everyone can access the underlying information. Our new admin panel also gives access down to the dashboard so that if any custom datasets are confidential, employees that shouldn’t have access don’t have it.

A new day in social listening and data analysis

Infegy Starscape represents a significant leap forward in the world of social listening and data analysis. With its user-friendly visual query builder, it eliminates the need for complex Boolean expressions, making querying clear, and easy for users of all experience levels. The platform's ability to create customized dashboards opens up a world of possibilities, allowing users to mix and match query results and a wide variety of visualizations. Whether you prefer flexibility or a more templated approach, Infegy Starscape has you covered.

Sharing insights and reports is now more accessible and versatile, enabling seamless collaboration both internally and externally. The introduction of different user seats further extends Infegy Starscape's utility across organizations, ensuring that everyone can access the insights needed to shape the future of their business. In essence, Infegy Starscape not only preserves the speed and quality associated with Infegy Atlas but enhances the overall user experience, empowering individuals and teams to extract actionable insights with ease.

Get early access to Infegy Starscape today. For a customized demo of our new product, or of Infegy Atlas, please contact us. We can’t wait to show it to you!