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Product update: the next evolution of Narratives will revolutionize your search for consumer intelligence

One of the reasons Infegy Atlas remains the best consumer intelligence and text analytics platform on the market is that over the past 15 years we’ve never stopped making it better.

Today, I am thrilled to announce an all-new version of Narratives in Infegy Atlas! This evolution of Narratives is a complete rebuild from the ground up, using an all-new dynamic algorithm.

Narratives will now fluidly analyze every single post or article relevant to your query, and build them organically into dynamic conversational clusters and subclusters.

With this evolution of Narratives, we are confident that we’ve created a functionality that’s the best way to understand the entire landscape of any subject.

What Narratives actually does

Imagine stepping out of an airplane that’s landed on the top of the Tibetan plateau: in one instance you can see the entire landscape stretch up before you all the way to the mountainous horizon … and then in the next second, you’re taking a portal down to a streetside coffee shop in the village tucked into a valley between two ridges.

That’s what Narratives does with social listening data so you can get to the consumer intelligence you need, in an instant.

In seconds, Narratives will give you the big, bird’s eye view picture on your subject, and the very next second, you can zoom down into the granular statistics, demographics, linguistic analysis, and sentiment on a conversation subcluster within your subject.

Figure 1 is an example of how Narratives summarized, categorized and labeled one week of conversations over a current subject, “Twitter.” The graph generated by Narratives immediately gives us a high-level view of the mentions of “Twitter” across all major channels. You’ll see that it goes far beyond the top topics, and also reveals the relationships between posts and clusters.

narratives-14Figure 1: New Narratives supercluster of the conversation around "Twitter," across all major channels, 10/27/2022 - 11/1/2022; Infegy Atlas data.

This new evolution of Narratives can cluster and categorize millions of social posts and news articles into digestible, automatically labeled categories – all within seconds – to present you with an interactive, customizable graph of the narrative clusters and subclusters within the conversation.

This all new functionality will slash the number of steps it takes to get you to actionable insights on a vast subject or conversation, while also giving you the flexibility to dive deep into granular perspectives within the subject you’re querying.

As researchers and data aficionados ourselves, we believe this approach to social listening is so important because it removes human bias and influence when trying to gain a quick grasp of the conversational landscape around your subject.

Narratives looks at all the documents that mention your subject, and then determines relationships between them based on relevant lexical similarities, scoring based on strength of their relationships. It then clusters these related documents, essentially grouping them into a dynamic number of narrative clusters. Based on the complexity of your subject’s conversations, you can have six clusters, or 60.

Ultimately, all the conversational clusters and subclusters under the main subject are cleaned, categorized and summarized for you in seconds.

And then you get to apply the full suite of Infegy Atlas' prowess to the narrative clusters most relevant to your project. You can see the sentiment, demographic distributions within the query, and perceive the promoters and detractors stories within the conversation in an instant.

A glimpse at what’s new and different

The biggest difference on the back end is the nature of the algorithm: we’ve built an all-new dynamic algorithm that is able to adapt to vastly varied content, from the shortest tweets to the longest news articles.

On the front end, Narratives’ data visualization is so interactive and intuitive, you won’t need an analyst to begin to decipher and interpret an analysis of millions of documents.

It now displays as interactive force graphs: you can view up to 100,000 nodes at once, with colorized post-clustering and automatically labeled conversation clusters. And yes, you can absolutely customize labels for your exports, and merge clusters you feel are related.

Things that haven’t changed

Despite its complexity, Narratives analyzes the entire breadth of your query with the customary speed you’ve come to expect of our flagship platform: data and visualizations load within seconds of you submitting your query.

We’ve promised that data visualizations in Infegy Atlas are infinitely clickable, getting you from large data landscapes to granular statistics within the same query results. This remains true with our new interaction of Narratives. In fact, you can see entire clusters and subclusters colorized by sentiment (Figure 2), and pull up demographic distributions for each conversational cluster and subcluster.

02 - Clustered by SentimentFigure 2: Twitter graph colorized by sentiment; Infegy Atlas Data.

Basically, Narratives allow you to swiftly and easily run further queries on the conversational clusters it's analyzed.

And as always, Infegy Atlas reads and analyzes all major languages: unless you want to filter down to certain languages, Narratives will summarize the global conversation around any topic, person, event, brand, or entity.

Personas who will love using Narratives

Market intelligence researchers

As I mentioned above, we’re confident that this evolution of Narratives is now going to be the best way to understand what’s going on in the collection of conversations on any subject, especially if you’re looking to start broad and then dive into granularity … which is how Infegy Atlas is best used.

Brand creators and marketing agencies

It’s going to be especially helpful for researchers, brand creators, and marketing agencies who have clients and prospective clients that span across various industries. Imagine you’re suddenly asked to deliver insights into organic wheat replacements for a CPG client and have no prior research in this area. You don't have to waste weeks pursuing and analyzing data. And because Infegy does not limit the number of queries or searches our clients are allowed to perform in our platform, you can keep drilling deeper into the narrative clusters and subclusters, refining your searches, and learning as much as you need or desire.

Narratives will give you the entire conversation, but allow you to easily isolate nuanced intersections like health effects, different types of gut intolerances, environmental and agricultural issues, recipes, companies with market share in product substitutes, and so much more.

Agency users can use Narratives to get a quick grasp on brands and their ecosystems – with historical context – and use this both for planning campaigns and pitching new business. And of course, Narratives is packed with competitive research that will benefit any branding conversation.

Researchers new to consumer intelligence

For users who are new to using social listening for consumer intelligence, Narratives will be your biggest ally:

The user-friendly data visualizations allow you to easily and quickly see how nodes of the conversation connect to each other and to the bigger conversation.

You don’t need a separate analysis team, or weeks to crunch through and segment topics and categories, or run separate searches for sentiment and demographics; the data is going to be ready for you when you’re ready to begin planning, strategizing your campaign, or building an impressive pitch (with graphics you’ve exported from the platform!). Basically, Narratives will equip you to impress upon your audience that you truly know their landscape, and understand the gaps and opportunities.

Get broad and deep consumer insights with Narratives

15 years ago, we set out to give our clients the fastest and very best social listening and consumer intelligence platform on the market, promising a tool that equips our clients to solve the hardest problems in data, in the shortest amount of time.

With this updated version of Narratives, we’re doing just that. It is so fast and so easy to get actionable insight from any given query. This new, improved functionality will get you from virtually no background on a subject, to a broad and deep picture, with historical context, and within seconds!

Please contact us to request a custom demo! We truly can't wait for you to see Narratives and its interactive data visualizations which will help you to gain insights like never before!