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Infegy Earns 11 G2 Badges Including Best Support and Easiest to do Business with

We’ve always said that with Infegy, you don't just get our top-of-the-line software – you get an entire team dedicated to your successful consumer insights journey. Well, the Winter 2023 G2 badges are out; our customers have spoken … and they wholeheartedly agree!

Infegy featured in G2’s Winter 2023 Reports across three unique categories to earn 11 badges. Included with our numerous “High Performer” badges are four that are only awarded to the single, highest-ranking company in the category: two “Best Support” badges and two “Easiest to do Business with” badges testify that Infegy IS your best partner for social media audience intelligence and social listening!

What is G2, and why do G2 reviews matter?

G2 is one of the world’s largest tech marketplaces. Businesses rely on G2 to discover and review the technologies and platforms they should use to optimize their business. G2 helps 80 million people make smarter software decisions based on authentic user reviews every year.

The G2 platform allows only verified users to share authentic experiences and feedback on featured technologies and B2B software. Their closely moderated process involves numerous steps to avoid bias. For example, G2 does not include or publish reviews from current or former employees. And, unlike many “review” publications, a software company cannot influence their G2 ratings through a monetary exchange – all of G2’s data and ratings are based solely on users' experiences with the technology and the companies providing them.

Every quarter, G2 assesses and tracks the overall performance of companies listed on the platform and releases comprehensive reports for each type of software. The newly released Winter 2023 reports detail the performance, reviews, ratings, and scores of all the companies on G2 as of December 13, 2022.

Infegy’s Winter 2023 G2 badges

This quarter, we’re especially proud of four badges that can only be earned by a single company within a specific category.


  • Best Support - Audience Intelligence Platforms
  • Best Support - Social Media Monitoring (Enterprise)
  • Easiest to do Business with - Social Media Analytics
  • Easiest to do Business with - Social Media Monitoring (Mid-Market)

Scoring for these badges is based on customers’ reported ease of doing business and their satisfaction with the quality of support that comes with our product. Infegy ranked the highest amongst other social listening platforms in these categories!


Users Love Us - Winter 2023

We’re also delighted to have, once again, earned the “Users Love Us” badge! G2 only gives this badge to organizations that have consistently received a high customer satisfaction rating (to receive this badge, an organization needs to receive at least 20 reviews that average a 4.0 rating or higher).

Infegy’s High Performer badges

Scoring for performance is based on a combination of customer satisfaction metrics, product metrics, and a company’s market presence. Since the experiences and needs of a small business differ vastly from those of a large enterprise, G2 accounts for company-size segments when determining badge categories: Enterprise (1001+ employees), Mid-Market (51-1000 employees), and Small Business (50 or fewer employees). Infegy was recognized as  a “High Performer” in the categories listed below:

  • High Performer - Enterprise Social Media Monitoring
  • High Performer - Mid-Market Social Media Monitoring
  • High Performer - Small Business Social Media Monitoring
  • High Performer - Social Media Analytics
  • High Performer - Audience Intelligence Platforms
  • High Performer - Social Media Monitoring

Our “High Performer” badges showcase that our social listening platform and support practices rank highly with clients representing companies of all sizes.

It’s important to note that a social listening or social monitoring platform doesn’t get included in G2’s Audience Intelligence Platform category unless it:

  • Uses artificial intelligence to analyze data on a company’s target audiences.
  • Provides insights on audience psychographics and demographics.
  • Creates customer personas or audience segments based on information gathered about them.
  • Offers tools for sharing or exporting audience segments to marketing and digital advertising platforms.

Our inclusion in this category and our “High Performer - Audience Intelligence Platform” badge proves that the revolutionary AI powering Infegy Atlas ultimately translates into useability and speed-to-insights for our users.

Consumer intelligence with award-winning software and support

As you kick off 2023, we want you to know that social media insights are within your reach! Backed by the entire Infegy team and equipped with our fast, flexible and user-friendly platform, Infegy Atlas, you’ll be on your way to understanding our audiences and consumers like never before.

We’d love to take you on a tour of Infegy Atlas. Reach out for a demo today!