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Our Top 5 resources to jump-start your 2023 consumer insights journey

Infegy’s research team doesn’t just stay on top of best practices in social listening research – we create, lead, and showcase the many ways you can amplify your business, and campaigns with social media insights!

We’re going to amp up Infegy insights and resources ever further in 2023…but before that, we’ll be taking a short pause to ring in the new year with friends and family!

Before the celebrations begin, here’s a throwback to some of the resources that grabbed your attention in 2002. If you’re looking at using social media intelligence to boost your brand, gain new clients, or optimize your campaigns in 2023, these five pieces will inspire you!

1. Using Consumer Intelligence To Uncover Key Midterm Political Issues

Insight Brief

Using Infegy Atlas' new clustering algorithm to search hundreds of millions of posts online and cluster them by topic, we identified the most important issues that voters are vocal about.

Learn how social media intelligence revealed which topics and concerns were top of mind for voters. You’ll also want to check this out to understand the correlation between social media post volume and voter turnout, as well as sentiment analysis around higher interest rates and gas prices.

2. Top 5 Gen Z Personas


Generation Z (people born between 1997-2012) is the largest generation on Earth, and as they grow older, they are beginning to influence modern education, political activism, and consumer culture. In this eBook, we develop five distinct personas of Gen Z: The Student, The Career-Starter, The Activist, The Spender, and The Investor.

Social media intelligence reveals tremendous data on the motivations, challenges, desires and opportunities faced by each of these personas. Check out this eBook to learn how Gen Z behaviors and motivations are beginning to impact systems of all kinds – from education and the workplace, all the way governmental politics. Also learn how early access to technology has caused gains as well as presented threats to their financial security.

3. How to Choose the Right Social Listening Provider


Choosing the right social listening tool for your business needs can be tricky, especially in a crowded marketplace. In this blog, we offer five anchoring questions you must ask before choosing your social listening provider. From inquiries into use cases, data sources, and historical data; to assessing the financial costs, this blog lays out a foundation that will get you excited and ready to sign on and start your social listening journey!

4. Precision Campaign Analysis Fueled by Infegy Data

Case Study

Colangelo is a behavioral marketing agency that specializes in the science of Brand Attachment. When asked to optimize an external campaign that had been running for two years, Colangelo discovered there was insufficient commercial data and no KPI’s in place by which to measure the success of the client’s campaign. Colangelo used consumer intelligence from Infegy Atlas to obtain actionable evidence of the campaign’s performance.

Download the case study to read how Colangelo leveraged Infegy Atlas to present their client with a thorough, data-backed understanding of how their campaign performed.

5. Hashtags Save Lives: Analyzing the Impact of Online Activism


Using social media intelligence tools, you can track the progress of online activism and other campaigns, as well as measure their impact. Learn how we tracked the hashtag #AdoptDontShop on social media and used Infegy analytics to discover actual life-saving changes taking place in the Dallas area!

Boost your business with social media insights in 2023

We hope 2022 has been as productive and insightful for you, as it has been for us! Whether the coming year has you gearing up to try new marketing strategies, refresh your brand, or develop your product to match current trends, we’d love to be part of your journey in 2023…and beyond!

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