Hephzibah Dutt

Hephzibah Dutt has over 12 years combined work experience in creative communications, writing, non-profit management, higher education, and coaching/consulting. Her versatile and dynamic skill-set includes artistic and production leadership in multiple modes of high-impact editorial writing, ideation and concept development, program development; and training and presentation management. Drawing from her experience as an artistic director and producer in the performing arts, Hephzibah is highly skilled at leading collaborations and maximizing the contributions of team-members. Indeed, whether producing theatre, events or marketing materials, Hephzibah activates her broad experience to provide the kind of creative vision that takes a project from conceptualization all the way to production/final asset. Hephzibah excels at fostering strategic relationships, connecting people and growing community. Throughout her career, she has been called upon to advise, consult and train in matters of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion/ cultivating communities of Diversity and Belonging. In her social and professional life, Hephzibah utilizes the tools of theater, storytelling and performance studies for community engagement, diversity education, advocacy and social dialogue. A Third-Culture Kid from a globe-trotting family, Hephzibah has lived in the India, Oman, United Arab Emirates, and now calls Kansas City, MO home. Inspired by her foundational training as a theatre artist and educator, "Story, Service, and Community" form the heart of Hephzibah's personal manifesto.

Posts by Hephzibah Dutt

Networking advances that fueled social media

Networking Advances that Fueled Social Media

Series: The Evolution of Social Media Does anyone remember texting back and forth with a friend, and then telling them you’d email them photographs when you “got on the internet”? Or how exciting it was when you learned there were typographical codes that would automatically convert i …

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The evolution of social media: an introduction

Celebrating 15 Years of Infegy - Consumer Intelligence I might date myself with this reference but here goes: I have a quirky memory of walking to the cafeteria one morning my senior year in college, wondering who had posted hundreds of black-and-white fliers printed with a single slo …

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Social silence: interpreting the absence of online conversation

Silence typically points to absence – absence of noise, of conversation, and spaces that are uninhabited and still. However, we’ve all experienced a second type of silence that points to movement and growing energy. For example, the house falling silent could mean that mischief is afo …

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Social conversations reflect how past Breakthrough Brands continue to shape their space

Interbrand breakthrough brands review

On June 21, Interbrand published their Breakthrough Brands 2022 – a report celebrating top companies that challenge categorical and cultural norms, innovate to meet new challenges, and demonstrate a deep understanding of human truths. Interbrand, a leading brand consultation company, …

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Changing trends in the conversations surrounding earth day and the environment

Infegy analysis the conversation surrounding Earth Day and much more

From postponed weddings to the cancellation of international sporting events, the onset of the pandemic derailed events, movements, and agendas across the globe. For some, (like Tokyo’s ghost-town version of the Olympics) there are no redos. Others, like BTS and numerous entertainers, …

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