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Social conversations reflect how past Breakthrough Brands continue to shape their space

Interbrand breakthrough brands review

On June 21, Interbrand published their Breakthrough Brands 2022 – a report celebrating top companies that challenge categorical and cultural norms, innovate to meet new challenges, and demonstrate a deep understanding of human truths. Interbrand, a leading brand consultation company, …

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Changing trends in the conversations surrounding earth day and the environment

Infegy analysis the conversation surrounding Earth Day and much more

From postponed weddings to the cancellation of international sporting events, the onset of the pandemic derailed events, movements, and agendas across the globe. For some, (like Tokyo’s ghost-town version of the Olympics) there are no redos. Others, like BTS and numerous entertainers, …

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From Image to Insight: Atlas Enhancements Increase Visual Support

We are excited to bring you this latest release which provides new capabilities to gain actionable insights from visual platforms. Along with additional channel enhancements, this release offers a more robust dataset, more in-depth audience segmentation and demographic insights, and m …

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New Year, New Atlas Features

2021 was a year of self-reflection and evaluation. And it was the same for us. We took the time to reflect on everything we have accomplished, everything we want to accomplish, and how we can best support our customers to achieve your text analytics and social listening goals. 

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5 Key Factors For Spotting Consumer Trends With Social Listening

Fellow trendspotter! You live your life in data and you need to keep track of the next breakout consumer trends for your brand or business. You may have already turned to social analytics tools to watch a trend about to go viral online ahead of time. But sometimes social media researc …

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How We Built Audience Personas for Crocs Using Social Listening

Holy hole-filled shoes, batman! Crocs are back.   Crocs garnered a 30% increase in social conversation in the past year and grew their revenue 73% from 2020 to 2021. Surprising right? The ugly step-sister of the shoe universe has suddenly, and loudly, taken social media by storm.   Bu …

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The Beginner’s Guide to Spotting Consumer Trends Early

Avocado toast. The Instagram Aesthetic. Milk Crate Challenge. You know them. They exploded onto the cultural landscape with hardly any warning and became mainstream seemingly overnight. Some are still around. Some, thankfully, are not.   In 2021 and beyond, consumer trends don’t wait …

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How to Analyze Social Media Audience Segmentation

  If identifying or analyzing online audience segments is part of your day-to-day, for a brand, business, or agency, you need to use more than your typical online analytics.   You need accurate data - not assumptions. And you also need actionable data. The number of Twitter followers …

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15  Product Trend Questions Social Listening Can Answer

One of the top questions we get asked about our social listening platform is: “how can we use this data?” Well, one of the biggest, top-secret ways to use social listening is for predictive analytics.   Believe it or not, social data shouldn’t just focus on performance and past data. …

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Who are the World’s Most Trusted Brands and Why? (2021 Edition)

Who are the Most Trusted Brands 2021? The data using social media analytics and social listening.

Read our updated 2022 edition here. Many of you may wonder: “is my company trusted?” In fact, it’s a question that leads many of our client partners to look into our social listening platform to find out. It’s a critical question because if people trust your brand, they will buy it. B …

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