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What Social Listening Reveals About Brands Like Spotify, the NFL, etc

The top brands in the world build their authority and social clout online. The Spotifys, Etsys, and Apples of the world are the envy of every company because they have billions of people talking about them everywhere. You’d be hard pressed to find a person on Earth who doesn’t know these names. Not only are they well known, they are ingrained in our everyday lives. You use their names interchangeably with daily activities. You use their names as verbs. You “Ubered” to that party last night, and you “Googled” how to tie a tie.


Whatever role these brands play in your life, it’s clear they are essential to everyday consumers. That’s why they landed on our list of top 50 most popular brands.


What are the driving factors behind why the world's top brands are rising and falling on this list? We can answer this question by looking at how consumers talk online. These unsolicited conversations that happen from audiences across the Internet provide fascinating clues as to why brands succeed the way they do. At the same time, insights from these conversations via social listening can help you discover similar clues to how your consumers and customers view your brand.


In this article, we’ll look at top brands like Spotify, the NFL, and more to see what the data reveals about these top brands. Let’s dive in!


Why Did MTV Rise 26 Spots on the List of Top Brands?

Long removed from its strong association with music, MTV is making a comeback thanks to one of the most discussed genres online - Kpop. MTV jumped 26 spots in over the year, or a staggering 258% in brand popularity, due to kpop-related conversations. This jump makes the American cable channel our biggest riser of the year.

When you look at MTV’s leading topic bubbles, you see several key terms that clue us in as to why Kpop drove the MTV brand success. In addition to “Kpop” you’ll find artists like, “BTS”, “ARASHI”, “Dimash”, as well as terms like “vote” (which has to do with fan voting).

social listening analysis for MTV most popular brands

You can find more about MTV’s success, including the gender breakdown of the conversation, trendlines and more inside our interactive dashboard. You can also dig into what the leading topics of discussion are for each and better understand the driving forces behind the brand’s success according to consumers.


Louis Vuitton Also Jumped on the Kpop Bandwagon

Kpop didn’t stop at MTV. A campaign with Kpop stars BTS launched Louis Vuitton into the top 50 brands for the first time. This partnership helped Louis Vuitton not only make it into the top 50, but all the way up to the 36th spot on our data-based rankings.


The peaks in conversations from the trendline below represent when the partnership between Louis Vuitton and BTS began. This one activation earned a huge payoff for the brand.


social listening analysis for Louis Vuitton most popular brands

Sports Conversations Show a Few Surprises

Sports leagues grow their brands through community building and relationships with their core audiences. Understanding the ways consumers unsolicitedly discuss those leagues across the web is essential. The conversations about the respective leagues, the players, the games, and the stories involved are highly revealing on the health of those leagues. 


Our social data indicates MLB and FIFA are the top rising sports leagues amongst everyday people online:


social listening analysis for sports leagues most popular brands


Baseball and soccer organizations are on the rise while football and basketball organizations declined in conversation. Digging into the leading topics shows that one influential factor to this growth and decline is how the different leagues handled resuming play during the pandemic.


social listening analysis for MLB most popular brands


Spotify Strikes Gold by Going All-In on Podcasts

And finally, we can’t talk “top rising brands” without mentioning Spotify. Spotify’s investment into podcasts paid off and contributed to their rise to number 6 in the Top 50 brands.


It’s no secret that Spotify is the category leader in music streaming, but their play into podcasting won over new consumers in major ways. Over the past few years, the streaming giant went from dabbling in podcasts to making it a major part of their product offerings, and consumers talk about it online - a lot.


In fact, as you see when you investigate their topics inside our dashboard, podcasting was a major reason why there was a 70% increase in online brand mentions of Spotify from the previous year. Now that is what we call social clout.


social listening analysis for Spotify most popular brands

social listening analysis for Spotify topic analysis most popular brands


Consumers talk online. Their conversations drive brands' social authority, and their voices matter most when it comes to brand positioning. Using a social listening tool like Infegy Atlas can help you not only track how your brand is mentioned online, but also answer the question: why? What’s driving the online conversation about your brand, why do consumers talk about you, and what brand stories are gaining the most traction?


Our interactive dashboard helps you dig into these questions and discover who is talking about them and why. Access the dashboard here to see how these brands, and more, are trending and to uncover more insights to inspire your brand.

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